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    Babies love to be held and soothed by their parents.



    Little Miracle Massage and Yoga classes are so much more than touch! They are a beautiful and loving way to communicate with your baby and an opportunity for new parents and babies to come along to a nurturing environment to enjoy and be part of a blend of activity, relaxation and social time.


    Classes have been designed to include Baby Massage, Yoga, Sensory Stimulation and Relaxation.


    They are a wonderful way to....


    Create a lasting bond between you and your baby


    Stimulate and support baby's physical, emotional and social development


    Meet other new parents and babies


    Relax and have fun


  • Classes

    Come to Little Miracle Massage

    Relax without fuss

    Delivered in a homely, welcoming and nurturing environment parents and babies will feel relaxed and comfortable. Lighting is gentle with no bright overhead bulbs and the room is cosy and clean. Classes are small (max of 6), friendly and baby led.


    A 5 week block includes:


    5 x 90 minute classes

    A 30ml bottle of baby massage oil

    Use of all materials

    A certificate of completion for baby

    Light refreshments


    Due to limited spaces, bookings must be confirmed by deposit.


    If you would like to bring your twins along to baby massage & yoga classes there will be no extra cost or charges applied. The price is the same as bringing one baby!




    One to One Sessions

    A little more personal

    One to one sessions can be done here at Little Miracle Massage or within your own home. One to one sessions can be a lovely family experience which both parents can be part of.


    Outreach work can also be undertaken (if approved by a health professional) if your baby is being cared for in hospital.

    Host your own

    Fun with friends

    If you have a group of friends who are new parents then you can host classes (3 or 5 week blocks) or a one off session from your own house, I can come to you!


    The minimum class size to host your own is 3.


  • Benefits

    Positive, nurturing touch is a wonderful way to help your baby feel safe, secure and loved.

    Cherish the intimacy

    Baby massage can help you to better understand your baby’s own way of ‘talking’ to you.

    Nurturing this special time during your baby’s early development can create a life long lasting bond.






    Clinical Benefits

    can be:

    • Faster weight gain in premature babies
    • Accelerated brain and visual development in newborn babies
    • Reduced sepsis and hospital stay in very premature and newborn babies
    • Boosts baby’s immune system, motor skills and intellectual development
    • Stimulates the central nervous system
    • Lowers the 'stress' hormone cortisol
    • Increases the 'feel good' hormone serotonin
    • Relief from teething pains
    • Relief from gas, colic and constipation
    • Can benefit mums who suffer from post natal depression

    Additional Benefits:

    Can Include:


    • Helps stimulate sensory development
    • Gives parents new ways to interact and bond with their babies
    • Improves babies sleep patterns due to touch induced release of the hormone Melatonin
    • Reduces fussiness
    • Builds confidence in parents through baby handling
    • Improves positive interactions between fathers and their babies
    • Regular massage promotes baby's  positive emotional wellbeing


  • About Me

    Sally Hudson

    Founder & Instructor

    Mum to grown up children of my own I decided that the time was right for me to diversify and embark on a new path. Working with families is my expertise and is where my passion lies. The building blocks of positive and strong family attachment begins the moment your baby is born. It's such a wonderful opportunity to offer and facilitate classes which promote nurture and loving touch from a very early stage of a family's new chapter.


    I have worked within Children & Family Services for over 15 years.... Secure Residential, Community Education, Offsite Education Provisions and currently within the Voluntary Sector working with Children aged 3 - 18 who have an additional support need or diagnosed physical or mental disability and their families. I work within schools, homes and in partnership with Social Work and Health. My work includes 1-1 sessions, creating and delivering behaviour management workshops and 'improving families' programmes.


    My Relax and Sing Baby Massage and Yoga training is fully accredited by the Royal College of Midwives. I hold an Enhanced Disclosure and I am a member of the PVG Scheme. I am full insured through Holistic Services Insurance.

  • What Parents Say

    Yvonne & Lucas

    Thank you <3 lucas and I really enjoyed the massage classes.
    It was great to chat with other mums and get the chance to hear and share our experience's.
    Sally made us feel very welcome, such friendly, patient person.
    I would highly recommend the massage and yoga classes. Xx

    Nicole & Lucy

    So gutted that our 5 weeks have come to an end ): both baby and I loved it ! Really lovely teacher and Lucy is such a calm happy baby for the rest of the day after her morning massage . Would highly recommend ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Cheryl & Zack

    Can't rate massage class enough! We loved our block of classes and are sad it's finished. Myself and Zack will miss seeing the other mummy's and babies each week, and Sally couldn't be any patient and welcoming... Would highly recommend☺️��

    Amy & Rosie

    My daughter and I have just finished our block of baby massage and we will surely miss it. A wonderfully relaxed and homely environment, Sally is very accommodating! My daughter really enjoyed the class and the variety with sensory, singing and yoga was a great combo!

    Elizabeth & Isla

    Just finished a lovely one to one baby massage session - it was very relaxed, fun and helpful. Also a great way of including Dad. Baby Isla really enjoy it. Xx

    Iana & Elliot

    The quickest 5 weeks ever! Had a wonderful time learning massage techniques, enjoying a 'cuppi' and meeting other lovely mommies �
    One of the highlights of our week, absolutely recommended! ��

    Marykirk Bumps & Babies

    Thank you so much for today's taster session at Marykirk Bumps, Babies and Toddlers today! Lots of chilled babies and mums and dads after your session! Hope to have you back again soon x

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